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A Shariah Will is an important legal document which enables a Muslim testator to ensure that his or her assets will be given to his or her family members or other specified beneficiaries as ordained by Allah. Assets belonging to an individual typically include real estate property, monies, investment accounts, bank accounts, insurance policy proceeds, valuable jewellery, cars and personal or household belongings that you legally own.


Our Wills department can assist you in the transfer of your assets to individuals, families or institutions, in line with your wishes. A Will is also useful for declaring your preferences for the executors and trustees of your estate, temporary and permanent guardians of your children and contributions to charitable causes as well as declaring your funeral wishes.


Our Shariah compliant Wills contain all the legal requirements for a valid Will in accordance with a Muslim's duties under UAE Shariah Law.


Should you wish to inquire further about our Wills service for Muslims, please feel free to email our Wills department on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +9714 3116534.